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Information matters

The more information you can share about your project, the more accurate your quote will be. Below are a few key items you should know before contacting us.


  • What is the final product (PDF for print or screen, a Word document, InDesign, etc.)?
  • How many pages of raw text (Word document, RTF file, Excel files) will we need to process?
  • Do you have a design template for this document or would you like us to create one for you?
  • Do you have a preference for which software we use to create your file?
  • What is the final product (financial document, brochure, business card, etc.)?


  • Colour or Black & White printing?
  • Make sure you have a press-quality PDF for us to print from (note that it is always preferable to include the source files as well).
    • Ensure that all fonts are properly embedded.
    • Ensure that all images are at least 300 dpi.
    • Ensure that you include crop marks and bleed if applicable.
  • How many pages is your document?
  • How many copies would you like?
  • Will your printed item be 1-sided (recto only) or 2-sided (recto-verso)?
  • Do you have a paper-weight in mind (regular text stock, cover stock, gloss, silk, matte, etc.)?